Semestre : 1° semestre

European Union Law and Human Rights

Settore scientifico disciplinare : IUS/14

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lingua: inglese

Data inizio corso: Friday, 22 September, 2017

Semestre : 1° semestre

Iscrizione al corso : Closed
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The first part of the course will cover the European Union legal order:

1. The evolution of the European integration process.

2. The enlargement process

3. The Treaties

4. The institutions of the EU

5. The system of judicial review

6. The sources of EU Law: primary Law, EU legislation, international agreements

7. The competences of the EU: exclusive and shared

8. The principles governing the competences: conferral, subsidiarity, proportionality

9. The relations between European law and domestic law: supremacy and direct effect

10. Introduction to the single market: the fundamental freedoms, the EU policies. The Area of freedom, security and justice

11. The EU's external action: CFSP and other areas of external action


The second part of the course will cover the relevance of Human Rights (HR) and sustainable development in the EU and international legal orders:

1. HR in international law. The UN system of HR

2. HR in the EU legal order. The Charter of fundamental rights of the EU and the European Convention of HR

3. The notion of sustainable development and its evolution

4. Balancing HR, environmental protection and sustainable development with economic interests

5. EU policy for environmental protection

6. EU development cooperation policy and democratic conditionality

7. Trade policy

8. HR, sustainable development, environment and international trade: the challenges of the World Trade Organization


A special part of the course will address, through distinguished guest lecturers, the challenging issue of international and European law of migration, asylum and refugees. Schedule of guest lectures will be provided as soon as available



Conoscenze e competenze che saranno acquisite:
Prerequisiti ed eventuali propedeuticità:
Modalità di valutazione dell'apprendimento e prova d'esame:

During the course, students' presentations and direct involvement in discussion.

At the end of the course there will be an oral exam.

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Come ottenere la tesi:

Thesis requests are welcome! You have to come to my office hours (Via Salaria 113, room 214, Thursdays, 10.00-12.00) with a research project we will discuss together. After my informal approval, please follow the application procedure on Infostud. Don't send me requests on Infostud without a previous discussion in person, because in that case the request will not be approved.

Metodi didattici:

1. Professor's and guest lectures

2. Student's involvement through presentations of case-law and specific topics or reading and discussion assignments

3. Additional reading materials will be unpoaded on the section "materiali", below

Modalità di valutazione della frequenza:

Class attendance is not mandatory. Class attendance gives students the possibility of being involved, with their presentations and other contributions, to the course. 

Registration to this webcattedra is highly recommended for students, in order to be regularly informed of all news that might occur during the course.


Testi d'esame:

1. Klaus-Dieter Borchardt, The ABC of European Union Law, 2010. This textbook can be downloaded for free from the website

2. Emily Reid, Balancing Human Rights, Environmental Protection and International Trade. Lessons from the EU Experience, Hart Publishing, 2015. This textbook can be ordered directly from the publisher, also in e-book version, or purchased at the Nuova Cultura Bookstore in the main campus