Numero di crediti :9

Semestre : 2° semestre

Development Anthropology

Settore scientifico disciplinare : MDEA/0/01

Numero di crediti :9

Tipologia corso:corso

lingua: inglese

Data inizio corso: Wednesday, 27 February, 2019

Semestre : 2° semestre

Iscrizione al corso : Closed
Obiettivi formativi:

Students will be able to understand

  • the historical relationship between colonialism, development and globalization
  • have developed a critical perspective about development and the main concepts of anthropology
  • understand the work against poverty ob bilateral and multilateral system of international cooperation
Contenuto e articolazione del corso:

 Development cannot be considered only a concept similar to progress and economic growth. The course seeks to understand how cultural and social agendas of development policies are experienced by target communities. The political  and economic debates are embedded in the development. So the course has the aim to analyze the impact of globalization in our contemporary world exploring other and more equitable forms of development

Conoscenze e competenze che saranno acquisite:

Students should have developed a critical knowledge of core concepts in Development Anthropology. They could present a final short research paper demonstrating the adequate understanding of the subject matter

Prerequisiti ed eventuali propedeuticità:


Modalità di valutazione dell'apprendimento e prova d'esame:

The exam is oral but in special cases it can be also written. For attending and non attending students there are different procedures

Non attending students must study the two books here indicated and uploaded

Attending students can prepare and present at the end of the cours a research paper and  for the oral exam they must study only one book here presented (free choice).

A chi è rivolto il corso:
Come ottenere la tesi:

presenting a project illustrating the motivation, the plan of the research (problems, objectives) and the relevance of the topic.

Metodi didattici:

Main topics of the course will be discussed during the lessons. Debats and participatory discussions will be privileged. Practical exercise, brainstorming, focus group will be organized starting from articles and essays provided for the occasion. A part of the course will be dedicated to : Project Cycle Management analysing initiatives of hunam sustainable development.

Modalità di valutazione della frequenza:

It is recommended to attend assidously the lessons.

Testi d'esame:

A history of Anthropology, Erikssen and Nielsen, PLUTOPRESS second edition

Anthropology of Development, JPO de Sardan, ZEDBOOKS

Here uploaded

Materiali del corso: