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XI. European Conference on Social and Behavioral Sciences
1-4 settembre 2016. Call for abstracts entro il 30 giugno 2016

The Department of Communication and Social Research (CoRiS) carries out both teaching and scientific research in the fields of media studies and sociology. CoRiS follows in the tradition of the Faculty of Communication Sciences with the same spirit of innovation and cultural experimentation. The CoRiS Department, which was founded on the basis of an innovative multidisciplinary project, promotes and coordinates teaching and scientific research activities in the fields of sociology, human sciences and media studies. The Department is divided into two areas: 1. Communication for Businesses and Organisations and 2. Communication, Media and Digital Culture. All scientific research activities are closely related to these two sectors. Students can attend a PhD Programme in “Communication, Research and Innovation”. Further information is available in the two programmes: “Methodology of Social Sciences” and “Communication Sciences”. The Department of Communication and Social Research has obtained the ISO 9001: 2000/2008 Quality Certification (Certificate no. 11490/04 – August 3, 2004 - regularly renewed) for the “Design and Delivery of Training Activities in Sociological and Communication Science Disciplines.” The Quality Management System ensures a high level of excellence and sets out the actions required to optimise the planning and delivery of services.