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Extraordinary session of exams

Be  informed that, as reported in the didactic calendar, between 9 April and 3 May 2018 will be held an extraordinary session of exams. An exam date will be published on the Infostud platform for all the subjects related to the courses already provided and the related bookings will be activated. It will therefore be possible to book for the exams with the usual procedure on Infostud. Further information on individual exams will be published on the professors section page of the exams that you intend to take and on Infostud Notes space by the individual professors. Only the following categories of students are admitted to the extraordinary session, according to the following procedures:

  • graduands of the Bachelors, Master’s degrees of the next graduation session of July 2018 (they can take up to a maximum of 2 exams to reach 96% of credits);
  • students fuori corso (they will be able to take all the exams foreseen by their didactic organization);
  • students enrolled in Part Time and Special Part Time modes (can take 2 exams);
  • students enrolled in single courses.

On the day of the exam, to verify the regularity of the requirements for participation in the exam, it will be necessary to present the following documentation to the professor, in addition to the booking receipt which can be downloaded from Infostud:

  • if graduands, the thesis assignment for the session of July 2018 printable by DOS, or the paper assignment form signed by the Supervisor (correlatore), downloadable at the link
  • if fuori corso, the enrollment certificate downloadable from Infostud in the Certificates section, which shows that students are enrolled fuori corso in the academic year. 2017/2018;
  • if part-time and part-time special,the enrollment certificate downloadable from Infostud in the Certificates section, which shows that students are enrolled in part-time mode;
  • if enrolled in single courses, the copy of the paid bulletin, which shows that students are enrolled in single courses provided in the first semester of the academic year. 2017-2018.

The Administrative Office will proceed to carry out the necessary checks. The exams taken by students who do not fall into the authorized categories or those taken without respecting the methods of participation described will be canceled from the Administrative Office. All students are reminded that, as required by the University regulations, it is absolutely not possible to take exams whose courses have not been completely provided.Please note that it is not  possible to take an exam without having booked on infostud. Students who will have problems booking or who do not find the dates of the exams published on Infostud must contact the didactic office ( to verify and solve any problems, by and no later than March 1, 2018.Please note: The effective date of the exam, the timetable and the exam room may vary according to the number of students booked and the availability of the classrooms.therefore it is  advisable to check the news of the professors section page and / or the note space of the Infostud, after the closing of the bookings. Booked students who no longer wish to take the exam are obliged to cancel the reservation made on Infostud within the deadline set for the reservation, and after the deadline, by sending an email to the professor. Those who do not cancel an exam booked but no longer intend to take it, may result in disciplinary sanctions.

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