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Graduation session

March 2018 Session - From Monday 12 March 2018 to Wednesday 28 March 2018

Please note that the graduation application must be submitted on Infostud through an on-line procedure following the instructions given on this page.
Submission of the online application and acceptance of the application by the professor  must happened from Monday 04/12/2017 to Friday 19/01/2018.
The deadline of January 19 does not concern the acceptance by the secretary, which will take place later.
For the requirements of submitting the online application and for detailing all the procedures (from the application to the collection of degree parchment), follow the instructions given on the following pages.

Please note: Additional information about the master’s thesis, final examination and general procedures, can be found at the websites listed below:;

By January 16, 2018:
you should have acquired 96% of the credits required to submit the Graduation Application. As required by the University Regulations, the application will not be accepted unless 96% of the credits have been passed and verbalized. This means that you cannot have more than 9 credits to take.

First deadline
By Friday January 19, 2018:
submitting the online application by the student and accepting it on Infostud by the supervisor;
payment of the final exam (graduation), the total amount is 16,00 € (Euro). Please note: As long as  you do not make the payment of  the graduation fee (16,00 € ) , your request for the graduation (final exam) is not valid.

Second deadline
By and no later than Monday February 19, 2018;
Upload on line copy of the last missing exam (if this is not already validated on Infostud):
Deliver to the CADI office all the documentation relating to the recognition of the credits ects/cfu relating to the internships and stage (If you has not already done so):
Upload your thesis on InfoStud in pdf format.

Third deadline
Starting from Monday February 19, 2018;
view the list of assistant supervisor (correlatore) that will be published on the Coris website's home page.

Fourth deadline
Starting from Monday February 26, 2018;
view the seating calendars that will be published on the Coris website's home page.

Fifth deadline
By and no later than Monday March  05, 2018;
deliver a copy of the thesis to the assistant supervisor (correlatore) with two copies of the thesis summary (one page of 30 lines). A copy will be retained by the assistant supervisor (correlatore) and one will be returned to the student with the signature of the assistant supervisor (correlatore) and the delivery date.