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Study plan 2017/2018

Starting from Saturday 2 December 2017 to Tuesday 31 July 2018, the window for compilation of study plans for academic year (a.y) 2017/2018 will be reopened. It is possible to complete the study plan only once for each academic year, except for exceptional cases. The compilation  of the study plan is mandatory for all students enrolled since a.y 2011/2012. Once completed the study plan for the a.y 2017/18 and obtained approval, if needed to make further changes, the student must request the cancellation of the already approved sudy plan by sending an email to     Once canceled, the study plan must be recompiled in the period between 2 December 2017 and 31 July 2018. Students must indicate in the cancellation request: name, surname, student number (matricola) and reason for the request. It is not possible to complete the study plan by phone or with requests submitted by e-mail. Before proceeding with the compilation, please read carefully the following guidelines. Why should I complete a study plan? The compilation is essential to view and book the optional or elective courses. How can I fill in the study plan?

  • Go to InfoStud platform and log in to your personal page;
  • click on Corso di laurea;
  • in the menu on the left side, click on percorso formativo;
  • click on vai al percorso formativo;
  • at the bottom of the page that opens, click on creare un nuovo piano di studi (create a new study plan) and proceed to the compilation;
  • if the page presents you the option “percorso formativo individuale” Do not select it, you must choose Curriculare.
  • Select, among the optional exams that the study paln offers you, the one you prefer.
  • In the section insegnamenti a scelta dello studente (elective courses) you will need to select the exam, or the exams, that you intend to take as your chosen activity.
  • warning! it is not possible to insert as an elective exam an exam with the same epigraph, already taken or present in your study plan, even if it is with a different number of credits (cfu/ects), (for example, if you have already taken an exam of contemporary history of 6 credits (cfu/ects), you can not choose again an exam of contemporary history as an elective course, even if it is with different number of  credits).
  • it is not possible neither to insert exams which have different epigraphs but have the same program or which have parts of a common program.
  • the non-compliance of these rules will implicate the cancellation of the exam, from the students office (segreteria studenti) in the phase of verification of the final career, before the final exam (graduation), even if the exams (non permitted) have been taken and verbalized.
  • The exams that you can select must necessarily be courses provided in the academic year, in which the activities of your choice are foreseen in your manifesto. You will be able to insert as your elective course, courses that are not inserted as optional , or courses chosen among those provided in any other degree course of the University, typing the exact name of the desired course, or for keywords. Students of the master's degree will be able to include both master's and bachelor’s exams, as long as they are obviously not already taken in their previous career, under penalty of cancellation.
  •  You can only choose from courses offered during the current academic year, for example, if you have to complete 9 credits (CFU/ECTS) as elective courses, you may select: one course worth 9 credits (CFU/ECTS), or one 3 credits (CFU/ECTS) course and another one worth 6 credits (CFU/ECTS). You may also choose exams whose corresponding credits do not exceed the 9 credits (CFU/ECTS) limit by more than 3 credits (CFU/ECTS) (i.e., two exams of 6 credits (CFU/ECTS) or one exam of 8 credits (CFU/ECTS) and one exam of  3 credits (CFU/ECTS).
  • at the end of the compilation the system will inform you whether you have filled out the study plan correctly; otherwise, it will show you any errors.
  •  If the proposed study plan is correct, but you don’t want to submit it yet, click on SALVA IN BOZZA (save as draft). You can save more than one study plan as a draft.
  • Once you are sure about your study plan, you may submit it for evaluation and approval:
  • Click on invia
  • Click on richiedi approvazione del piano di studi
  • The platform will ask you to confirm the submission. Click on conferma invio, otherwise the study plan will stay in draft.
  • Once your study plan has been approved, you will be able to see and register for exams on InfoStud.

If you need further information, please contact the didactic office (Segreteria Didattica):

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