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Istruzioni per i corsisti durante la sospensione delle lezioni in presenza

Comunico alle studentesse e agli studenti che seguono i corsi, che al fine di ridurre al minimo le conseguenze negative della sospensione delle lezioni, ho approntato materiali e risorse per continuare a lavorare. 

Prego tutt* i/le corsisti/e di leggere il seguente messaggio fino alla fine e di controllare che lo abbiano ricevuto anche via email. In caso contrario,  pregherei di compilare il form che ho presentato in classe la scorsa settimana: 


Dear students:

As you know, classes are suspended for 10 days, which means we’ll miss 6 hours of classes in March. The missed lessons will need to be made up for in May, when you will be overwhelmed by work for all the courses you are taking.

In order to make your life easier, I think that the smartest thing to do is for us to keep on with our work now, so we’ll not risk to facing the Summer exam session unprepared.

This week I would like you to start working for your final project. In the syllabus, you will find a general description of the project and its structure.

By the end of next week you will have:

1) Formed a group: remember that your groups should be made by 2, 3, or 4 people.

2) Chosen a name for your group. Be creative! And use English words, please.

If you want me to add you to a group, just indicate it in the form; Please, remember to write your name as member 1. Some of you clicked on "I don't have a team", but then did not write their names, so I don't know who you are!

This is a link to the form to fill:

3) Chosen the two articles you will be working on for your final project.

I created a video tutorial to guide you in your articles’ hunt. It is in our drive folder and its name is "guidelines to search the articles"

I also uploaded it to youtube for your convenience:

When you are looking for your articles, make sure that they comply with the following requirements:

1. The popular article must be based on ONE academic article: you will find that some popular articles talk about multiple scientific papers on a certain topic. These will not work for our final project.

2. The topic of the two articles must be strictly related to your field of study: You should use this project as an opportunity for you to learn some technical vocabulary that will be useful to you in your future study and work experiences.

3. The scientific article should be published in an academic journal; so you should discard articles that are published on the websites of professional associations or anything which is not published on a peer-reviewed, academic journal.

4. There cannot be two groups working on the same articles.

Once you have chosen your articles, one member of the group will send an email to me ccing the other members of the group. I will reply and I will tell you if the articles are approved or not and I will give you further instructions.

At this link you can look at some pairs of articles that might work for you as an example.

Clearly, you cannot pick any of these pairs. You will have to find your own.

This is all for now. Please, let me know if you have any questions.

In the meanwhile, be safe and healthy.