Numero di crediti :6

Semestre : 1° semestre

International Agricultural Policy

Settore scientifico disciplinare : Agr./01

Numero di crediti :6

Tipologia corso:corso

lingua: inglese

Data inizio corso: Tuesday, 26 September, 2017

Semestre : 1° semestre

Iscrizione al corso : Open
Obiettivi formativi:

Acquire all the information needed to understand the different aspects involved in composing the framework of the International Agricultural Policy with particular reference to the relationship between agriculture ,development policies and sustainability.At the end of the course students will be able to interpret evolution and perspectives of the different forms of agriculture in relation to the different circumstances of agricultural policy under consideration.

Contenuto e articolazione del corso:
Introduction to agricultural policy;
Agriculture and development models;
Food security policies;
Policies on food safety;
Rural development policies;
The influence of  the Common Agricultural Policy;
International trade of food products;
Agricultural Policy and use of resources;
Features and functions of Agricultural International Organisations.
Conoscenze e competenze che saranno acquisite:
Knowledge of the agricultural sector at global level;
Knowledge of operating mechanisms of International Agricultural Policy;
Ability to understand opportunities and constraints of the agricultural policy instruments;
Ability to evaluate adopted strategies and tools;
Ability to elaborate proposals concerning policies and programs of agricultural and rural development.


Prerequisiti ed eventuali propedeuticità:


Modalità di valutazione dell'apprendimento e prova d'esame:
Written (test) and oral examination (working groups on topics of the course).

Grades will be determined on the following basis:

40% working paper;

60% written examination (test).


The working paper will be submitted by email from the students one week before the written exam and discussed (if necessary)one day before the written exam. 

Who have not provided for sending the paper can not take the written exam even if is registered on the Infostud system.


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January 15 2018

January 30 2018

February 14 2018

April 17 2018

June 5 2018

June 26 2018

July 17 2018

September 12 2018 

November 13 2018

January 15 2019

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Not compulsory attendance

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