Marco Antonutti
Masters’ Degree in Communication, evaluation and social research for organizations
Research interests: Social Simulation, Social-ecological systems, Computational social sciences, Theory of action, Strain theory

Blerina Bajko
Masters’ Degree in International Sciences in Development and international cooperation
Research interests: political communication, innovation in marketing, society and media

Vittoria Bernardini
Masters’ Degree in Communication, Evaluation and Social Research at Sapienza University of Rome
Research interests: gender studies, intersectionality, qualitative research

Lou Therese Elisabeth Brandner
Masters’ Degree in Urban Sociology at the University of Amsterdam
Research interests: urban transformation, cultural commodification, creative economy networks, city branding

Gaia Casagrande
Masters’ Degree in Media Studies and digital communication
Research interest: platform capitalism, digital labour, internet & media studies, urban studies, social imaginary

Elvira Celardi
Masters ’ Degree in Programmazione e Gestione delle Politiche e dei Servizi Sociali
Research interests: evaluation, social policies, social housing, social inclusion and poverty

Fabio Ciammella
Masters’ Degree in Media studies and digital communication
Research interest: transmedia studies, internet studies, storytelling, social media, media studies

Alessio Di Leo
Masters’ Degree in Business Strategy
Research interest: Consumer behavior, User Experience, Marketing, Multichannel Marketing

Mohamed Amine Khaddar
Masters’ Degree in Management of Organizations -Innovation at the École Universitaire de
Management de Clermont-Ferrand
Research interests: Digital communication and journalism, sociology of culture, culture and art innovation, Mediterranean territories, the advent of urban cultures

Rosanna Labalestra
Masters’ Degree in Modern and Contemporary History
Research interests: evaluation of the school system, adolescents, media education

Ana Carmela Martinez Levy
Masters’ Degree in Administration and Business Management and in Neuromarketing
Research interests: measuring the efficiency of communication with neuroscience and psychology

Giovanni Andrea Parente
Masters’ Degree in Culture industry and Digital Communication
Research interests: Civic engagement, Service design, Smart city, Open-government, e-Inclusion

Giuliana Parente
Masters’ Degree in Sociology, Social Research and Evaluation
Research interests: Research and Evaluation. Social, Educational and Learning Policies.

Sabrina Pignedoli
Masters’ Degree in Cinema, television and multimedia production at University of Bologna and in International business and law at University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
Research interests: organized crime, security, journalism communication, suicide

Sajjad Rabiei
Master's Degree in Business Management
Research interests: direct marketing, innovation, quality

Simone Sallusti
Masters’ Degree in Media, Digital Communication and Journalism
Research interests: Political communication, television studies, journalism, transmedia studies

Livia Serlupi Crescenzi
livia.serlupicrescen@uniroma1.it(link sends e-mail)
Master's Degree in Multimedia Publishing and New Information Professions
Research interests: Political Comunication, Nonverbal Communication, Multimodal Analysis of Comunication, Facial Action Coding System (F.A.C.S)

Giulia Smorgoni
Masters ’ Degree in Media, digital communication and journalism
Research interests: Communication, International relationships, New media, (de)radicalization

Luigi Virgolin
Masters’ Degree in Communication Sciences at University of Bologna
Research interests: semiotics, urban policies