Comunicazione, ricerca sociale e marketing - XXXIV ciclo

Chiara Bartoli  
Master’s degree in Political Science
Research interests: Digital marketing, Customer Experience, Country of Origin, Branding

Eugenia Blasetti
Master’s degree in International Development and Cooperation
Research interests: migration studies, social psychology, social inequalities, processes of integration, social education.

Michela Cavagnuolo   
Master's Degree in Communication, Evaluation and Social Research for organization
Research interests: Mixed methods research, Analytical sociology, Computational sociology, Big data analysis, Sentiment analysis

Fabio Cerroni
Master's degree in Sport Management.
Research interests: sport marketing, sustainable marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing

Carolina Farina
Master’s degree in Photography at Brera Academy of Fine Arts
Research interests: gender studies, contemporary photography, hacktivism, social networking, transmedia storytelling

Ughetta Maria Favazzi 
Master's Degree in Sociology and Social Research.
Research interests: evaluation research, evaluation of educational institutions, analysis of textual data, young people and social media.

Emma Garzonio
Master's degree in International cooperation for development
Research interests: Political communication, European institutional communication, Right to personal data protection and social networks

Dario Germani
Masters' Degree in Communication, Evaluation and Social Research for Organizations - Evaluation and Social Applied Research
Research interests: Mixed Method Research; Sociology of Social Groups; Ethnomethodology; Theory of Action; Network Analysis

Eduard Kola 
Master’s degree in Information, Publishing and Journalism, Roma Tre
Research interests: comparison, globalization, new flow, pervasiveness

Andrea Roberto Musolino
Master's Degree in Organization and Marketing for business communication Sapienza University of Rome
Research interests: digital marketing, big data and marketing, privacy and data protection legislation in marketing, augmented reality and virtual reality in marketing

Karen Nuvoli
Masters’ Degree in Communication, evaluation and social research for organizations
Research interests: terrorism, crime, cybersecurity, propaganda

Grazia Quercia
Master's degree in Media, digital communication and journalism - curriculum Media Studies
Research interests: audiovisual industry, new media, transmedia storytelling, internet and social media studies, audience studies

Daniele Panaroni
Master’s degree in Sociology, Social Research, Evaluation
Research interests: Social Ineqaulity, Social Exclusion, Poverty

Alessandro Perri
Master's degree in Philosophy
Research interests: Political philosophy, Political communication, Philosophy of language, Philosophy of economics