Courses of study

The courses offered by the Department of Communication and Social Research (CoRiS) of Sapienza the widest community of lecturers and researchers in the fields of communication and sociology on the Italian scene. This legacy translates into a wide range of courses of study in the field of communication, information technology and applied social research.
Thanks to its strong interdisciplinary nature, the degree courses of the Department of Communication and Social Research cultivate critical, technical and applicative skills. The bachelor’s courses are structured to provide basic training in the communication models and technologies of digital culture and of corporate and public communication. There is also an inter-faculty course (run by the CoRiS Department but with the cooperation of other departments and Faculties) which offers basic training in cooperation and development.
Each of these courses can continue into a range of the most diversified master’s degree courses. These provide advanced study in the areas of cultural industries, digital media, publishing and journalism, marketing and business communication, institutional political and social communication and communication and evaluation for complex organisations. The Department also offers several inter-faculty collaborations on emerging themes with an interdisciplinary approach, including international cooperation, design for communication and scientific-biomedical communication.
The study programme extends to a wide range of post-graduate courses (Professional Master courses, Advanced Study courses, PhDs) to develop specialised skills with high qualifications.
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