Extraordinary session of exams

Admitted students and participation process

According to the department calendar, an exam session for extraordinary circumstances is scheduled between April 8th and May 10th, 2019. Information has been published on the Infostud system for all classes that a student has previously enrolled in and the respective exams.

Therefore, it is possible to book exams for the extraordinary session using the same procedure on Infostud, as you would for a typical exam.
Further information on the individual exams can be found on the course webpage of the professor and the Infostud ‘Notes’ section by the individual professors.
Only the following categories of students are admitted to extraordinary exam sessions, according to the following procedures:

  • Students graduating in the July, 2019 session (undergraduate students can take a maximum of 2 exams, if the classes were in the previous years or in the first semester of the current year);
  • Students who are ‘fuori corso,’ completing their degree later than the average degree course timeline. (For example, if the course is typically 2 years and the student is still taking exams after 2.5 years). These students can take any of the exams from previous classes.
  • Students enrolled in part-time mode can take a maximum of 2 exams
  • Students enrolled in single courses 2018-2019 can take any number of exams
  • Eramus students, Students with disabilities, or DSA can take all the exams whose classes were in the previous years or the first semester of the current year

On the day of the exam, in addition to the booking receipt, students must present to the professors:

  • If an undergraduate student: a printed copy of the thesis examination booking on the DOS system, which shows the July session highlighted as the graduating session; for those who have been assigned the examination session on paper, not on the DOS system, a copy of this receipt, showing the July graduation session highlighted is required.
  • If ‘fuori corso’ (later than average degree timeline) student: the certificate of enrolment, downloadable from Infostud in the Certificates section, in which it is clear that they are still enroled and completing degree later (without stamp)
  • If a part-time student: the certificate of enrolment, downloadable from Infostud, which shows that they are enrolled in Part Time mode (without stamp)
  • If enrolled as a single-course student: the copy of the paid tuition receipt, which shows that they are enrolled in a single course for the academic year 2018-2019
  • If students with disabilities or DSA (Specific Learning Disorder): a copy of the certification stating this

The Administration Secretary will check the information and potentially cancel the exam, if the student does not provide the correct documents.

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