INFOSTUD is the Sapienza Student Information System and, furthermore, the main tool to manage administrative procedures for students, including:

  • registration,
  • booking exams,
  • viewing completed exams,
  • printing forms and certificates such as the university fee paying slip, degree records with completed exams, enrolment certificates, etc. Infostud allows

In the Sapienza website (en.uniroma1.it), you can find all the general information on our University. Especially, you can find all the information relating to the admission procedure.

DOS (Didattica, Orientamento, Servizi)
DOS (Didattica, Orientamento, Servizi) is the main tool to manage didactic procedures, including:

  • registration for the courses (only if requested by your teacher)
  • requests of credits (ECTS) relating to educational activities and internships

and receive:

  • information from your teachers
  • weekly newsletter from the CORIS Department

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Student e-mail
Your student e-mail address structure is: surname.matriculationnumber@studenti.uniroma1.it
For example: rossi.000001@studenti.uniroma1.it
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