Educational mission

Sapienza University’s Department of Communication and Social Research (CoRiS) brings together the widest community of lecturers and researchers in the fields of communication and sociology in Italy.

CoRiS is unique in that there are lecturers and researchers who are sociologists, lawyers, economists, linguists, statisticians, historians and psychologists. Their primary scientific interest is the study and teaching of subjects central to the work of the Department.

Based on a strong interdisciplinary approach, the Department offers two degree courses in communication, aimed at the cultivation of critical, technical and applied skills: a Bachelor’s degree (three years of study – Laurea Triennale, or First Cycle Degree) and a Master’s degree (a further two years of study – the Laurea Magistrale or Second Cycle Degree).

The Bachelor’s courses are structured so as to provide a basic foundation in the models and technologies of communication and in business and public communication.

Either degree can be followed up with a Master’s degree with a choice of a wide range of subjects, involving advanced study in the following sectors: cultural industries and digital media, publishing, corporate, institutional, political and social communications.

There are six courses leading to a Master’s degree in the areas of public communication for organisations and scientific-biomedical companies; social research applied to the design and evaluation of programmes and interventions, and international cooperation in the field of design and multimedia communication.

The Department also collaborates in several inter-faculty courses on emerging themes, using an interdisciplinary approach, including international cooperation, design for communication and scientific-biomedical communication.

There is a wide range of Professional Master’s courses, of Advanced Study Courses and PhDs, aimed at refining specialist skills to achieve high-level qualifications.

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