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AFE-Stage (Attività Formative Esterne) is the office responsible for all matters concerning internship and placement activities.
In particular, the mission of the office is:

  1. Support for students to find and activate internships compatible to their degree course and useful for the acquisition of credits, necessary for their curriculum or for their thesis. These internships are also an important educational period for the student’s future profession.
  2. Support for graduated students (within a period of 12 months after the date of the final discussion) to find and carry out an internship compatible with the educational curriculum and useful for the integration in the labour market.
  3. Respond to all requests arriving from enterprises, public institutions, in particular providing them with a selection of profile curricula for internships and professional activities.
  4. Encourage companies and public institutions in order to obtain internships for our undergraduate and graduate students.

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Furthermore, you can send your curriculum vitae (in PDF format) to:
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We would like to remind you that all information relating to the the ascription of credits are to be requested only to the CADI (Commissione Attività Didattiche Integrative), which is the office responsible for the recognition of curricular credits.

Reception hours:
Tuesday and Thursday 10 am – 12 pm
Wednesday 2:30 pm – 4 pm
Room B4 – first floor – Via Salaria 113
Phone number: (+39) 06 49918501
Fax: (+39) 06 49918487
Administrative Responsible: Fabiana Gubitosi

The CADI Office

The CADI Office (Commissione Attività Didattiche Integrative) is responsible for the recognition of credits relating to extra-curricular courses or other activities and provides assistance to fulfil all procedures for the request of recognition of credits (filling out of forms and presenting of all necessary documentation).
You may also request help directly on-line:
Reception hours:
Tuesday and Thursday 10 am – 12 pm
Wednesday 2:30 pm – 4 pm
Room B4 – first floor – Via Salaria 113
Phone number:(+39) 06 49918501
Fax: (+39) 06 49918487
Mail to:
Administrative Responsible: Fabiana Gubitosi

Your Intership Experience

Typologies of internships

  1. Curricular internships
    Curricular internships take place during the course of studies before graduation. These internships are mandatory with credits and are part of the students’ study plan. The students can also take into consideration internships to reinforce and develop the final thesis.  Curricular internships have a maximum duration of 12 months and in certain cases there are professional facilities or/and compensations.
  2. Post-lauream internships inside the territory of Regione Lazio
    These internships have the aim to facility professional choices and offer graduates professional possibilities in the period of transition between university and work. This types of internships are exclusively reserved to graduates not later than 12 months after their graduation and have a duration of maximum 6 months. The hosting company or public institution is obliged by law (DGR 199 – 18/07/2013) to compensate interns with Euros 400,00 (gross salary)
  3. Post-lauream internships outside the territory of Regione Lazio
    These internships are also exclusively reserved to graduates not later than 12 months after their graduation and are regulated by the different regional laws, which can often differ in characteristics, internship modes and procedures.
  4. Post-lauream and curricular internships abroad
    In this case, you can carry out an internship experience outside the Italian territory with companies or public institutions according to the law (D.M. 142/1998). In order to initiate these internships, it will be necessary to contact the AFE Office to obtain all information necessary about the procedures.

Looking for an internship
The Department CORIS (Comunicazione e Ricerca Sociale) accepts internships that students have personally found. Before starting these internship experience (and in order to respect all academic procedures), please contact the AFE Office to obtain the necessary information.

Intern’s duties and obligations
During the internship, all interns have precise duties and obligation towards the hosting enterprises or public institutions, which they have to respect:

  • Carry out the activities as foreseen by the educational internship program
  • Respect all norms in matters of hygiene, security and health on the working place;
  • Maintain the necessary privacy norms in relation to data, information or knowledge linked to productive processes and products, acquired during the internship period;
  • Refer to one’s tutor for guidance and all necessities whether organizational or other kind;
  • Respect all rules of the enterprise or public institution.

In case of any incorrect behavior towards your person during an interview or during the period of internship, please contact:

How to obtain internship credits
Students enrolled from the academic year 2014/2015 the internship should be 120 hours (3 credits).
These mandatory credits may also be obtained through the following activities:

  • Voluntary Civil Service;
  • Internship within the University Department: Offices, Library, Laboratories, etc…
  • Professional activity that has to be regularly certified, i.e. a work contract;
  • Grants obtained to collaborate with a University Office;
  • Volunteering activities.

WARNING! These activities may be recognised only if they have been carried out after enrolment. All volunteering activities, as for example in a NGO, have to be authorised prior to the beginning of the activity by Prof. Marco Cilento. Authorisation may also be requested via e-mail: and in copy to

Firstly, you should register on DOS (the Department students platform). Click here 

After having created your profile, login, select "i miei crediti", then "richiedi crediti", fill out the form by selecting "tipologia: volontariato" and "documenti volontariato", print and sign it (see also, Tutorial no. 5 and no. 6).

Your internship certificate (issued by the company/institution/organisation/association) must indicate:

  1. Total number of hours (minimum 120 hrs)
  2. Period (from dd/mm/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy)
  3. Tasks you carried out

You should deliver in person your documents (you certification in original and copy and the DOS certificate in original and copy) to the AFE-Stage Office during the office reception hours.

Students can be exempted from the 3 internship mandatory credits (officially certified by the Consiglio di Dipartimento) if they chose to attend the Laboratories (and take the final exam) scheduled by the Masters course "Scienze dello sviluppo e della cooperazione internazionale" and which have not already been included in their curricular “Percorso formativo”. It is necessary to communicate this choice to Prof. Marco Cilento
Certification of the exam must be also presented to Prof. Marco Cilento and not to the CADI Office.

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