Lecture rooms

The main premises of the Communication and Social Research Department are in Via Salaria, 113, including the Student Services office, the Library Laboratories and numerouslecture rooms. There is another complex at Via Principe Amedeo, 184 where, besides the Administrative Office there are more lecture rooms. In the heart of the main university campus (Piazzale Aldo Moro, 5) are the blue lecture rooms, next to the pratone(large lawn).

Lecture Rooms in Via Salaria, 113:

  • Aula Magna, ground floor
  • Congress Centre, ground floor
  • Oriana lecture room, ground floor
  • B9 lecture room, 1st floor
  • B10 lecture room, 1st floor
  • Mauro Wolf lecture room, 1st floor
  • 201 lecture room, 2nd floor
  • Master’s lecture room, 2nd floor (formerly called theAula Citta)
  • Consigliolecture room, 2nd floor

Lecture Rooms in the main University Campus (P.le Aldo Moro, 5):

  • Blue lecture room 1, basement floor
  • Blue lecture room 3, ground floor

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