The library of the Department of Communication and Social Research was set up in 1971 with the establishment of the first-degree course in Sociology in Rome at the Faculty of Education. Today, after more than 40 years, the library offers a collection of over 25,000 volumes in Italian and more than 3,000 in English, French and German, and over 13,000 electronic journals, mainly in English, and made available by the University related to the fields of Economics, Communication, Marketing, Journalism, Sociology and Psychology. The works available to scholars and students especially examine the themes of Sociology of Communication, Sociology of consumption, the New Media, communication in advertising and marketing, technology and digital media, in the fields of Sociology, Anthropology and Ethnology and Research Methodology. You can use specialised databases and tools such as EBSCO Discovery Service, Open Journals Sapienza and Sapienza Digital Library (SDL), which provide thousands of scanned books, images, videos and films and other Italian and foreign media. To conduct research in the Catalogue it is possible to use OPAC - SBN which also allows you to look for a book in all the libraries of Sapienza University. The Library is equipped with 60 reading desks divided in two rooms. Work is scheduled to upgrade the WiFi Sapienza and to add new services for students.

Via Salaria, 113 - 00198 Rome (RM) – ground floor

Opening times: from Monday to Thursday from 9.00am to 4.30pm; Friday from 9.30am to 3.30pm.
Tel. (+39) 064991 8345/6 - 064991 8368
N.B. the loan service closes half an hour before the library closes.

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