Office for the disabled

Since the academic year 2016/2017 "Sapienza" University has put in action near HELLO a service given up for DSA students, which is also connected a Counseling Service (
This service with office for disability are the first step to have convenient support to their educational path (call free: 800 410 960)
Students disabled who enroll at the office for disability with the required documentation will have a card that certifies their requirements and should contact the Rererent for Disabled Students of their faculty at the beginning academic year, or semester, together to ensure that there are appropriate conditions for attendance and accessibility.
Students with learning difficulties who subscribe to HELLO-Counseling Service with the documentation required will have an operational card that relate the needs of dispensative/compensative tools useful to support their educational path. They also will be contacted the Referent at the beginning of academic year, or at the beginning of the semester, to communicate the didactic plan and teachers to be concerned with the specific needs of each *.
* The maximum time to contact the Referent and make it possible to communicate with the teachers to arrange the examination may not be less than one month before the chosen call
Referent for students with disabilities and DSA of Communication and Social Research Department is Prof.a Ivetta Ivaldi tel. 06 49918458
Co-referent is dr.a Rosanna Consolo tel 06 49918458
Office Hours: Wednesday 16-18 hours
Via Salaria 113, 2nd floor, st. 213

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