Post Graduate

  • Public and corporate communication 2015-2016 Prepares graduates with adequate mastery of scientific methods and contents in the area of cultural processes and organisational communication, aimed at the basic training of professionals with expertise in the areas of enterprises, public institutions and non-profit organisations. 
  • Digital communication, technologies and culture 2015-2016 Prepares graduates with an adequate command of the disciplinary paradigms of humanities and social sciences, with specific expertise in the area of digital technology, information systems and the different sectors of cultural production (printing, publishing, cinema, theatre, radio, television and digital media).
  • International cooperation and development 2015-2016 (with link) The course is organized by the Department of Communication and Social Research and also involves the Departments of Political Sciences; Social and Economic Sciences; History, Culture, Religions; European, American and Intercultural Studies. It prepares students to evaluate and manage policies for cooperation and development, with particular attention to institutional and socio-cultural aspects. 

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