Danilo Avola
Professore Aggregato
Via Salaria 113
+39 06 8576 8425
Orario di ricevimento: 
Lunedi 09:00 - 11:00 (Altri giorni possono essere fissati su richiesta)
Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum vitae: 

Danilo Avola received the M.Sc. degree in Computer Science from Sapienza University, Rome, Italy, in 2002 and the Ph.D. degree in Molecular and Ultrastructural Imaging from University of L’Aquila, L’Aquila, Italy, in 2014. Since 2018 he is Assistant Professor at the Department of Communication and Social Research (CoRiS), Sapienza University, Rome, Italy, and member of the Robot Vision and Artificial Intelligence (RVAI) Lab at the same University. Since 2010 he is a research engineer at the Department of Computer Science, Sapienza University, Rome, Italy, and member of the VisionLab at the same University. Since 2018 he is research engineer at the W•SENSE s.r.l. a spin-off of the Sapienza University, Rome, Italy. Previously, he was postdoc researcher at the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics (DMIF), University of Udine, Udine, Italy, and member of the Artificial Vision and Real-Time Systems (AVIRES) Lab at the same University; and research engineer at the Multimodal & Multimedia (M&M) Lab of the National Research Council, Rome, Italy. His research interests include Human Computer Interaction, Computer Vision, Signal Processing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Image and Video Processing, Multimodal Systems, and Pattern Recognition. He serves on the Steering Committee of selected International Conferences and is an Editorial Board member of different International Journals. Danilo Avola is author or co-author of more than 90 papers in International Journals, refereed International Conferences, and International Book Chapters. Since 2011, Danilo Avola is member of IAPR, member of CVPL, and member of IEEE.